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Assassin Racing is a word of mouth Company and does not advertise nor disclose its customers or exploit the cars we build for them. Our operation builds 200+mph custom Super Rides and one off creations out of the automobile of your choice with unheard of lifetime power-train warranties for the demanding driver. Assassin Racing's custom Super Rides are not intended for track service, yet are built to perform at a 24 hour endurance race pace for a life time of enjoyment.

Assassin Racing is a discrete builder and always provides our customers with the latest technology the world has to offer. At Assassin Racing we seamlessly integrate the latest technology into our special creations. We provide our customers with the cars of their dreams that will perform with the world’s Super Cars of today at the same time providing each of them with a show car that is filled with technology, style and grace, safety that is unmatched for high-speed driving, and armored to class III or IV standards. All while providing the performance and drivability demanded by today’s discriminating automobile enthusiast. Prices starting at $1,500,000.00USD f.o.b. with 120 day delivery time. You may Contact us at to arrange to place your order today.

Tech Tip:
Top speed is physically limited in one of two ways, either by being geared relatively low or by aerodynamic drag.
Use the horsepower calculator to find out how much power a car would require at a given speed.
Use the Gear Ratio Speed Calculator to determine theoretical speed for a car in each of its gear ratios.
Use the Drag Performance Calculator to determine theoretical 1/4 mile and 1/8 mile drag strip performance.
Use the 0-60 MPH Time Calculator to determine theoretical 0-60 MPH time of a car with a given horsepower and weight.

We also supply stylish bullet resistant apparel and professional personal security services. See Products and Services for more detials.



(All initial Purchasers of Assassin Racing's armored Super Ride vehicles or their respective estates will be provided a 100% refund of the full purchase price of said vehicle in the event the purchasers and or any of its passengers die as a result of small arms while operating or setting inside one of our Armored Super Rides with the doors closed and windows up.)


Payment Arrangement

(All contracts and escrow will be coordinated by our legal counsel. Upon placing your order all funds must be paid in full and shall be paid into our escrow agent’s account and will be released to Assassin Racing only upon completion of your order.)